I am Irfan, an entrepreneur, advocate, strategist, inventor and an idealist. My view of the world is defined by my varied interests and involvement in the fields of technology, society, empowerment, and business. I am driven by challenges and address them through individual and collective efforts.
Ultimately, my goal is to create a sustainable world enhanced by technology, people, empathy and effective resource distribution.

Now, I am on a mission to break barriers, boundaries, bias,and shortcomings across the world. This is deeply rooted in my personal history where I faced challenges from having access to capital or appropriate people to build on my idea or just not having the environmental or social structure that emphasizes on transparency, credibility, merits or sustainability. My collective entourage consists of leaders, innovators, corporates, communities,and investors. The resultant effect is improved awareness, facilitation,and execution. Join my growing network to participate in co-creating a better world.

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Sheikh Mohammed Irfan is a serial entrepreneur, author, inventor,and philanthropist. He is currently the VP of Global Operations at Bloccelerate a global blockchain accelerator based in Seattle, USA. He specializes in the field of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Fintech, IoT, Semantics among others, consultancy, policy, investments, acquisitionsand operations. He has a background in System Architecture & Computing and Business Management. He received his education from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MIT Sloan School of Management and Oxford Said Business School.

Emerging Startups

Entrepreneurship is the combination of creativity, perseverance, courage and deep desire to challenge the status quo. Nowhere is it more evident than where creative people embark upon building businesses through new line of services, products and methods. Coupled with businesses are the social impacts and opportunities they have created in a confined space and thus giving new options to communities. Check out my showcase of these game changing startups across the world!

Causes In Focus

As the saying goes, “ Work for a cause, not for applause” I believe that being part of the global ecosystem means having an obligation towards it. We are in a century where we can already witness the after effects of environmental pillage, social disparity, and lack of solidarity among others. That said, I believe we are yet to face the full force of our actions and are creating a poor future for generations to come. As a society today we must act together as responsible global citizens and participate in whichever capacitypossible  to contribute to causes that resonate with our understanding. Check out this list of causes which I feel are in dire need for you to execute upon their mission to create a better world.

Awareness and Empowerment

Our ability to communicate is our greatest weapon against wrong doings. The worst thing we can do is to adhere to silence in face of injustice, wrongdoings and repression of freedom. Collectively, we can stand together to raise our awareness to them and empower those who need your hands of support. Check out and spread some of these showcased fundamental problems an individual or community is facing across the globe and be part of affirmative actions of change.

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