Join Me As I Discuss Blockchain Institutional Investments 2019/20

Join Me As I Discuss Blockchain Institutional Investments 2019/20

Blockchain Institutional Investments



Blockchain technology is considered as one of the most disruptive industry which is changing the modalities of several industries such as Finance, Governance, Supply Chain and Management, Centralized Digital Enterprise Industries, Privacy and Data Management and among others.  This is opening up a new era of opportunities for investors, consumers and organizations to capture the potential of this technology.


Why does it matter?

As of right now, the blockchain is projected to capture over $3.1 Trillion in the next 10 years. During this period, we will witness the transformation of value capture from only the founders during the first industrial era created by people like Carnegie, Ford,  Rockefeller among others, to the era of dotcom where people like Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg were able to capture the wealth with a select early investors and funds to finally the blockchain era where the consumers/users of the technology being able to capture massive portions.  This means you as a regular user/consumer, investor or technology adoptor will be able to capitalize on the development of the technology and industry at large.

When and How?

Being a user or investor in the blockchain industry is considered to be simple yet it requires you to possess a significant amount of knowledge and contribute maximum time to capitalize from the developments. However, it does not need to be complicated.  There are people who build long term experience and expertise within the industry and the technology industry at large. People like myself have dedicated over 10 years in the greater technology industry-markets and almost 7 years in the blockchain space. There are several avenues of utilizing me an asset whether it is through any of my investment vehicles such as venture funds or private placements among others. Additionally, if you are a blockchain product/service developer, I bring forward go-to-market strategies, product-market fit or direct business-to-business modalities that will enable your product or service to scale and succeed.  Nevertheless, the aim is to understand the industry, technology, challenges, and opportunities. Hence, I am hosting an open session for those who are curious or simply interested in the space to participate in an interactive session.

You have already taken the first step and I look forward to seeing you!